Who are we?

Enactus is dedicated to attracting a new generation of entrepreneurs and business leaders for the sustainable development of the world is the largest international organization. Our task is to involve future leaders in the principles of entrepreneurship, innovation and business. Enactus works with students, teachers, to implement projects aimed at improving the world brings people together. The basis of cooperation is confidence in the positive power of business and the development of entrepreneurship. Enactus has more than 72,000 students on 1,700 campuses in 34 countries. We work with students throughout the year to develop our mission in all Enactus countries and have 5 steps We apply the approach:

  • Enactus in universities and colleges around the world, with projects to continuously develop the world students, academics and to provide practical education aimed at developing a generation of future leaders attracts business leaders.
  • Enactus supports student groups in social entrepreneurship through training, mentoring and other activities.
  • Enactus teams around the world turn challenges into opportunities. Based on identified needs implement projects. Teams supported by academic and business leaders are sustainable They try to develop innovative solutions by creating business models.
  • Unique experience, practical, where students differ from their peers in implementing their projects gain skills and leadership qualities.
  • In national competitions, Enactus teams present their projects, as well as their ideas and share their innovations with each other. Enactus Continuous Has a positive impact on the whole society in accordance with the Development Goals.
  • Note that the National The race is the culmination of a year's work and an important part of the Enactus program. Azerbaijan has been a member of the international organization Enactus since 2005 and has been operating since 2018 with the support of the Youth Foundation of the Republic of Azerbaijan.


Enactus is the world’s largest experiential learning

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